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Building the tapestry of your financial world

Are the pieces of your financial life scattered?

Your insurance agent may cover you from catastrophe, but does your coverage consider your complete financial picture?

Your accountant may file your taxes, but do they look at how your investment account structure can help you save money for the next year?

Your attorney may plan for your estate, but do they proactively provide support during the ups and downs of life?

Too often, you can receive conflicting or incomplete advice from the professionals in your life. They are experts in their fields, but if they don’t look at the full picture it may cost you in missed savings or lost opportunities.

Mosaic Financial sits at the intersection of your financial life, connecting the pieces through coordinated advice. Together, we form a cohesive portrait of your future.

We are fiduciaries. This means we are held to the highest amount of good faith, are required to exclude all selfish interest, are prohibited from putting ourselves in positions where personal interest and representative interest will conflict, and must, in any situation, make full disclosure of all relevant facts. We provide simple solutions for complex finances.

About Mosaic Financial

Mosaic Financial is the vision of owner Adam Prewett, AIF®. He believes that financial advice, tax planning, and estate planning should be delivered in a coordinated fashion, and founded Mosaic Financial to accomplish that goal. We seek to build a new level of fee-based financial planning for our clients and proactively build lasting relationships.

As fee-based financial planners, we are held to a fiduciary standard. This means that every recommendation we make MUST be in your best interest. You can have confidence knowing that we are on the same side – working to meet your goals, needs, and wants for the future together.

Who We Serve

We work best with clients with complex financial situations who need a proactive,
guiding hand to manage their investments, taxes, and other financial matters.

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Plano office:

6010 West Spring Creek Parkway
Plano, Texas 75029

San Antonio office:

84 NE Interstate Loop 410; Suite 226
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